The Hirer accepts the following terms and conditions with Jolly Good Party Hire:-

  1. All prices quoted are for day hire only, or otherwise stated on the invoice.
  2. Late returns will be charged addional day hire fees for each day the items remain not return
  3. Damaged and/or shortages will be charge for. In case of damaged item – replacement cost. In case of shortage – addional day hire fees for each day the items remain not return.
  4. A deposit may apply to booking
  5. The Hirer accepts that Jolly Good Party Hire may terminate this agreement and recover prossession of the equipment hired at any time.
  6. The Hirer agrees to pay for any lost or stolen while on hire at the full replacement cost.
  7. Jolly Good Party Hire shall not accept be liable for any damages or loss to person, property, animal or things what soever arising from the carriage, use or handling in any way of the goods or equipment hired even though such loss may result from negligence of Jolly Good Party Hire, its carriage, or Agents. The customer will indemnify Jolly Good Party Hire in respect of any claims for such loss or damage.
  8. It is customers reponsibilty to check and receive all goods or equipment in full.